Meat Boxes & cuts

It’s better value the more you buy. Buy the cuts which make up half a pig (or equivalent value) and postage is free. You can club together with friends, family or neighbours to have boxes delivered to one location which can be a great way to share and try lots of different cuts of meat. 
There are differently priced boxes to suit individuals, couples, families and feasts. Each box comes with a bit of guidance on how to cook the meat, just in case it’s helpful. 
•    Half Pig Box
•    Quarter Pig Box
•    Taster Box

meat is next available for deliverY In noveMber 2019. Reserve your meat now.




More information

  • Joints are boneless

  • This box is great for a family / group to use over time. Or maybe share with friends as there are two of each joint.

  • The meat will fill approximately two drawers of an average-sized upright freezer.

  • Includes free delivery

Box weight approx 17kg     

  1. Two Shoulder joints

  2. Two Leg joints

  3. Belly Piece/s

  4. One Loin joint plus equivalent weight in Chops (packed in twos)

  5. Sausages - 10 packs of 6

  6. Liver, Kidney & Hock (optional)


2. The Decent Quarter Pig Box



Box weight approx 9kg    

  1. Half Shoulder joint

  2. Half Leg joint

  3. Belly Piece

  4. Loin joint - or same weight in chops (packed in twos)

  5. Sausages - 5 packs of 6

  6. Liver, Kidney & Hock (optional)

More information

  • Joints are boneless.

  • One of each of the major joints each of which will serve 5-6 people or 4 with leftovers!

  • The meat will fit in one drawer of an average-sized upright freezer

3. A Decent Taster Box



Box weight approx 4kg    

  1. Half Leg Roasting joint

  2. Half Shoulder or Loin joint

  3. Sausages - 2 packs of 6


More information

  • Try a couple of the popular boneless roasting joints and some super sausages

Meat cuts


Approx Weight/Contents

Shoulder Joints

Half Shoulders 1.5kg-2kg


Multi-purpose slow cooking joint. Great for pulled pork, slow roast or braising. No attention required - once in the oven, leave on a low heat for hours. Also good for BBQ options



Leg Joint

The classic roasting joint with the best crackling - a whole leg  weighs around 3kg and great for large group, half is great for smaller family roast.

Leg Joints - 1.5kg-2kg


Loin Joint

1.3kg-1.8kg Joints

Tender, quick-cooking weekday roasting joint -great balance of lean meat and crackling layer. Also available for making your own back bacon.


Belly Joint

1kg-1.5kg Pieces



Belly pork from rare-breeds is exceptional - roast for amazing crackling, or great for use in Asian belly pork recipes - strips/cubes work well with soy and citrus. Or make your own streaky bacon! 


Pork Chops

Pack of 2 weighing c600g

Thick cut 'flintstone style' with a good fat layer - great comfort food with a pile of buttery mash! Pan-fry, bake, grill


Hand Roasting Joint


Lesser-known joint. Cook slowly (as you would shoulder) for soft pulled pork style meat. Great flavour and silky texture.    £8.00 per kg



6 pack - c350g
1kg pack

Great quality pork sausage - approximately 80% meat which is the right amount to make sure they're juicy, not dry, however you choose to cook them. 


Sausagemeat or Pork Mince

Packs of 500g

Make your own sausage rolls or use the mince for burgers/pasta fillings


Pork/Ham Hock


Great for brining, boiling or roasting. Once cooked flake into soup, quiche, pasta or a sandwich with pickles


Spare Ribs


Great for marinading and BBQs.

£5.00 per kg

Kidney, Heart, Liver


Awfully good offal



Heart £2.50
2 x Kidneys £2.50
400g Liver £2.50

Leaf Fat

Bagged by request

Slow render to create snowy white lard for cooking - makes amazing pastry.

Free on request with order


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I’m a small scale meat producer and meat is available every six to eight weeks. I take orders in advance and will keep you updated by email about delivery dates. 

Next meat is available for delivery in November  2019. Orders being taken now.

Please click on the order/enquire button below to place an order or ask about availability.


Payment is at time of order confirmation and via online bank transfer. Paypal or cash on local delivery/collection is also available on request . 


I am based in SE Wales and can deliver locally. You can also collect your meat and visit the smallholding at the same time if you like. Otherwise I use national couriers APC to deliver to your door. I’ll check the delivery day with you in advance but even if you can’t be home, APC are a specialist company, used to dealing with fresh produce. The box will be packed with ice and the courier will leave the box in a safe, dry place until you’re home. 

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges on the large half pig boxes (or equivalent)  is free, on the smaller boxes I charge between £5.00 - £7.95, to cover the costs of chilled, overnight transit.